About Author

Who Is Bruce Krahn?

I better know that before getting any online weight loss program on the internet, the first thing that everyone wants to know about the author of the program. Well, as for as the Lean Belly Breakthrough is concerned, I am happy to tell you that the writer of this incredible weight loss plan is not an ordinary person.

The program has been introduced by Bruce Krahn. A well-reputed celebrity personal trainer and health care expert. The amazing thing regarding the author that I have observed is that he has dedicated 15 years of his life studying fitness, nutrition, and human physiology.

After the intense research and years of fieldwork, he finally comes up with a revolutionary online program that helped thousands of people who were suffering from weight loss and other health issues like type two diabetes, arthritis, and heart problems.

Bruce’s Story

Another important thing that I would like to mention here about the author is that Bruse has been working in the field of fitness since 1995. It further boosts your confidence that he is one of Canada’s prominent authorities who worked with hundreds of clients, including some celebrities like Criss Angel, Tom Cochrane, and Trish Stratus to reach their fitness and health goals.

Background Story of the Program

When I was reading the reviews of the Lean Belly Breakthrough, I had come across an interesting story that grabbed my attention. It was an incident that has been happened in a plane when Bruce was traveling with his 55 years old father in law Dan.

All of a sudden he heard a terrible scream from his father in law, “Oh God, I think I’m having a HEART ATTACK…”. What happened next is very horrifying for me to tell.

Dan has been hospitalized and where Bruce has discovered this breakthrough. It was Dr. Heinrick who advised his father in law to try a 2 minutes ritual. While reading the story I was amazed to know that this ritual not only saved Dan from open heart surgery and a lifetime of diabetes but also caused him to shed 39 pounds of deadly belly fat without any drugs or hardcore exercises.


The story has made me clear that the alarming incident helped Bruce to come up with this breakthrough. This program not only dramatically reduces your cholesterol level but also normalize the hormonal imbalance and blood sugar in your body that gives you a healthy and slim belly.